About Me

About me

Hi, welcome to my page. I am Dhini Okta but you can call me Dhini. I am a woman who loves writing, travelling, culinary-ing and taking great moments or sceneries with the camera. I live in Jakarta from born till today.

I studied Journalistic at Moestopo University then I worked at two mass media. One of them brought my journey here. Making a page about travel and culinary but I also insert something that I still love from high school,  fashion and make-up.

On daily life, I am a wife also a mother for our two beloved sons but I also a freelance writer and freelance editor (writing) at some media. Yes, I work from home!

About the Page

Since I’m married, my travel thought moved from single to the couple. Then I had two gorgeous sons, It moved again to kids-friendly. However, my kids-friendly-things maybe not the same as people think. The definition of kids-friendly for me is the place should make the kids safe and happy. Not only the kids but the main concern is the parents. The parents should be the happiest so the kids will be happier.

I may prefer the beach than a mountain but I also love going to the mountain. I may pick sleeping at comfortable accommodation but don’t mind to try sleeping at a tent. I would love to take a flight to travel but I also want to challenge myself to do the road trip. Because experiences is the best teacher in the world.

Contact Me

For anyone who wants to say “Hi” about the journeys or thing related to business inquiries, do not hesitate to email me to:


I would be very happy to work with you.